Find efficiency with your contracts process like never before

Your legal negotiations shouldn’t be old school, with worries over contract accuracy or using outdated templates—not to mention human error and compliance—should be a thing of the past. Catapult them into the new school with Conga’s out-of-the-box, end-to-end CLM software.

Your legal, finance, and sales teams will be able to easily work in collaboration. Not only that, but you can eliminate operational bottlenecks and streamline contracting process from requesting, generating, negotiating agreements, to storage and compliance. You’ll be able to merge complex contracts accurately, negotiate key terms with a couple clicks, and send for an eSignature automatically. Ultimately drastically cutting lifecycle time and providing your team with a complete end-to-end contract process with full visibility and greater compliance.

Unlock efficiency with Conga’s Contract and Lifecycle Management solutions

Find business success with smart contracting solutions

  • Streamline processes, end-to-end

    With no more complicated, lengthy, and manual processes, you’ll have faster cycle times and be able to offer a better customer experience while freeing up your teams to spend more time on strategic, high value work.

  • Contract transparency, end-to-end

    Every stakeholder on every contract will know the document’s status and collaborate with ease on the most up-to-date agreement. With a single-source solution for all teams to collaborate, negotiate, and report on, you’ll eliminate contracting silos and work unified across the business.

  • Stay compliant, mitigate risk

    Intelligent contracting that will allow you to discover inefficiencies and uncover risk you otherwise would have missed. You’ll increase compliance—while eliminating the manual task. Join the new age of error-free, controlled automation.

Using Conga Contracts to manage contracts worldwide, Qualcomm successfully eliminated several time-consuming manual processes, implemented contract lifecycle features, and increased accuracy of contracts.

Lois Peterman, Functional Lead Qualcomm

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