Boost forecast accuracy and gain deep, data-driven insights

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Automate your sales forecasting to optimize your resource allocation.

Data accuracy is crucial when your business planning is on the line. But sales teams are often forced to base their forecasts on data that’s outdated, of poor quality, or difficult to access, interpret, and manage.

With Conga’s solutions, automate your data retrieval and reporting to improve accuracy and speed up your time to revenue. See all of your opportunities in one place for clearer insights and easier updates. Plus, you can do it all on one screen—with fewer clicks to get work done.

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Unlock the potential of your sales data

Winning with Conga automation

  • Drive deeper insights

    Accurate forecasting requires an understanding of the numbers—inside and out. But what if you can’t access all of your data and manipulate it as needed? Conga makes it easy to segment data however you need and to automatically deliver detailed forecasts and reports, improving your win rate and your time to revenue.

  • Work faster and more efficiently

    Time is of the essence in sales forecasting. Gathering data from multiple places and struggling to interpret it can drag down the process—and put accuracy at risk. Produce precise forecasts in less time, with a single source of data truth that allows you to see opportunities all in one place, where you can also perform mass updates.

  • Enable better collaboration

    Maximizing sales performance means working together as one cohesive unit. To do that, everyone needs access to the same data, in real time. Boost efficiency by ensuring your whole team has accurate, up-to-date data to stay aligned and focus attention where it’s needed most.

“Conga Grid makes our forecast reviews so much quicker because we can drill down and get to what we want really rapidly without losing our place and having to go back.”

Jason Weinberger, National Sales Manager In-Situ

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