Drive more revenue, faster with customer billing and invoices

Manual billing processes are slow, inconsistent, and often lead to mistakes.

Improve sales velocity with automated data retrieval, automatic sends, and fewer clicks overall.

Conga’s solutions allow you to automate your customer billing and invoice process. You can build, send, and track invoices all in one place and deliver the seamless experience customers expect, every time. All in all, this will:
  • Increase efficiency
  • Eliminate human error
  • Faster deal cycles
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Put an end to billing headaches

Transform your billing and invoicing process

  • Decrease time to revenue

    Hard-won revenue should never be delayed because of invoice issues. Conga’s billing and invoice management solution ensures timely, accurate invoices every time.

  • Increase velocity

    Tracking invoice statuses manually makes it easy to miss the big picture. Conga lets you see what’s been paid and what’s still owed at any given moment, so you can take the appropriate action, save time on administrative tasks, and preserve revenue.

  • Transform the customer experience

    Customers don’t want to work with companies they can’t trust. With automated billing, you can be confident that every invoice is templatized and delivered on time and error-free, with consistent branding.

We deployed Conga Composer to the floor, and not only are they thrilled with the results, but our administration time for processing orders was cut in half. I can’t even think of a way I could repay you for your patience and kindness; you truly went above and beyond.

Laura Baumgartner, VP Sales, Marketing & Operations, Digital Dolphin Supplies

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