Onboard new customers with ease

A customer’s journey doesn’t end after you close the deal. It is just beginning. Make the first 90 days smooth and problem-free.

Is your onboarding clunky? Do these obstacles sound familiar?

  • Wasting resources and time on outdated templates.
  • Manually entering data when onboarding new customers.
  • Sending documents one by one to each customer.

Shrink your margin of error and onboarding time with Conga’s automated and seamless document merge process. The result is delivering better customer experiences through business operations automation.

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Unlock the power of customer onboarding automation

Benefits of customer onboarding automation

  • Speed up customer onboarding by 95%

    Traction on Demand eliminated more than 1,000 hours per year of non-revenue-generating activities. By automating their customer onboarding, they eliminated sales and customer onboarding bottlenecks. They provided better customer experiences by automating their manual sales and data entry processes.

  • Create customer onboarding documents with a click of a button

    Intelisecure reduced the time of their onboarding document creation by 75%. Automate welcome letters to SOWs. Gaining full transparency and documentation tracking for even the most complex onboarding tasks or workflows.

  • Increase annual customer communications from annual to monthly

    HFM Advisors increased first year customer communications from 2 times annually to once every 8 weeks. Improve your customers' product and service knowledge. Help them get jump started, adopted, and expand usage with your organization. Communication can be personalized and automated.

“Collaborate lets us have a standard template that sucks in all the data from Salesforce, and then send for an electronic signature, and bang! It’s that easy.”

Ed Powers, Vice President of Client Success and Marketing InteliSecure

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