Reduce proposal creation time by up to 50%

Sales professionals spend 60% of their time on non-revenue generating activities, which means less time spent building relationships with customers.

Conga’s end-to-end automated solutions eliminate tedious admin tasks while streamlining workflow, reducing errors, and accelerating the sales cycle—bringing both your teams and your customers a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

Conga’s digital solutions also give you:

  • Personalized proposals without the manual prep
  • Increased visibility into customer engagement insights
  • Easy CRM integration for up-to-date pricing and customer data
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Unlock the secret to successful proposals

After implementing ... we essentially had an end-to-end process in Salesforce that didn’t exist before. It was a disjointed process across a plethora of systems that didn’t talk to each other. But now, not even a year later, the impact on the business and the visibility that exists because we forced the end-to-end process into Salesforce is unreal.

Leslie Carrigan, VP, Enterprise Digital and Business Transformation PatientPoint

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