Stop the errors, reduce the risk – Meet Conga’s Contracting Solutions

You might not have known it, but Conga supports your company to generate sales documents. Let’s take you the rest of the way.

A few common challenges:

  • There’s a lack of visibility or control over agreements
  • Processes are manual with long approval times
  • Requests and approvals from sales and other teams can cause bottlenecks and siloed processes

Conga solves:

  • Increases speed and time to revenue with automated approval processes
  • Gain control of negotiations, amendments, and compliance with tracking and transparency end to end
  • Greater agility across teams to respond to business changes and eliminate silos

And we have more for you, download our one-sheet to see how Conga’s Contract and Lifecycle Management could solve all of your pain points.

Learn how to increase contract accuracy by 45%

Streamline your contracts from creation through negotiations to execution

  • Never send another outdated MSA

    We’ve all been there. When all stakeholders aren’t on the same page, the most current version might not make it to the right place at the right time. Conga’s contract management solutions make it impossible for the wrong copy of any contract to head to a customer.

  • Break down internal silos

    Sales reps acting as the middleman with you on one end and your clients on the other? Conga CLM eliminates manual processes and the extra steps in your workflow, while breaking down internal silos for crystal-clear transparency.

  • Approved language, in one click

    With Conga’s robust pre-approved clause library, you’ll spend less time searching for the right legal terminology—and less of your legal team’s time—with the correct language at your fingertips at any moment.

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Conga was the only solution we found to meet the diverse functional needs of our finance, legal, and sales teams. Now that we have deployed Conga, we have a solution that allows customer information and activity to be seamlessly managed across the company—quote details, contract terms, and approvals are all now readily available and tracked. The ease of use and advanced usability of Conga has allowed even users not familiar with the Salesforce Platform to readily adopt the solution.

Christine Wiegand, Assistant General Counsel, QuintilesIMS

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