Streamline document generation with Conga CLM and Conga Composer

Your organization already trusts Conga’s workflow automation, so we must be doing something right. Right? You might not know us, but someone at your company does. In fact, you’ve already got the best contract management solution in place today! And you know what? Conga is that solution. Conga can do even more for your business like helping to close deals faster! Use Conga

Composer to streamline, automate and generate documents all within Salesforce.

Find out how to automate your sales documents

Your contract management solution can also do your documents

  • Accelerate your business

    With Conga’s document automation solutions, you’ll be up and running with very little ramp-up time, and almost immediately begin to reduce the delivery time of your documents. Not only that, but you’ll gain additional insights with notifications and document history to increase visibility. The end result? Quicker velocity, more intelligent processes, and efficient business cycles.

  • Improve your proposal generation

    Get more efficient document workflows, a quicker process, and remove the inevitability of human error—all while providing an improved customer experience. You’re already shortening the contract lifecycle with Conga’s contract management solutions, now take it the rest of the way and speed up your sales cycle with Conga’s document automation solutions.

  • Flexibility to fit any situation

    Pull data from across Salesforce objects, orgs, and external systems - like ERP, Marketing, and HR. This creates customized, personalized, and on time reports and documents with delivery-ease for every scenario

It’s a set-it-and-forget-it. Everybody’s happy when you can push a button and out pops a fully populated document. I’ve been doing this a while, and that’s still like magic

Myril Shaw, Chief Operating Officer Dealer Profit Services

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